Various fields in which cadastral maps are used

Cadastral maps are useful tools that can be used in a variety of fields. Below we will summarize the main areas where cadastral maps are used.

Real Estate Transactions and Valuations

Cadastral maps play an important role in real estate transactions and valuations. Real estate buyers and sellers can use cadastral maps to check land boundaries, owner information, local characteristics, and determine property value.

Land Management and Development

In land development, rezoning and rezoning projects, cadastral maps are an essential tool. Based on the cadastral map, you can apply for a land use permit and develop a land development plan. 지적도무료열람

Tax and local tax settlement

Cadastral maps are used to establish real estate taxes and local taxes. Taxes are calculated based on the size and location of the land, and owner information is also submitted to tax authorities.

Land Use Planning and Urban Planning

Urban planners use cadastral maps to plan and manage land use in cities and regions. It is used to plan land subdivision, housing development, road and infrastructure installation, etc.

natural disaster management

Cadastral maps are also used to manage natural disasters such as floods, landslides, and fires. In the event of a disaster, plan and coordinate response and relief operations based on landowner information and terrain information.

Land Conservation and Environmental Management

Cadastral maps also play an important role in environmental protection and land conservation projects. Use land boundaries and features to protect the natural environment and manage sustainable agricultural or industrial activities.

Social and economic studies

Cadastral maps are used in social and economic studies of regions. It helps understand land ownership structure and use patterns and is used for demographic research, real estate market analysis, etc.

Law and Litigation

Cadastral maps are also used as evidence in the field of law and litigation. Provides information on land ownership and boundary disputes, land rights issues, etc.

In these fields, cadastral maps are an important source of information and play an essential role in land and real estate decisions and planning.

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