Calculate working days with the working days calculator

The workday calculator is a tool that allows office workers to calculate workdays by week, month, and year. You can calculate the exact number of working days by taking into account public holidays, weekends, and special vacation days.

How to calculate working days

  1. Access to the working days calculator: Access the working days calculator through the website or app.
  2. Set work period: Select start and end dates.
  3. Set public holidays and weekends: Set public holidays and weekends for your country.
  4. Enter special vacation days: Add any personal vacation days, if any.
  5. Start Calculation: After completing the settings, click the Calculate button.

Interpretation of results

The number of working days resulting from the calculation refers to the actual working days during the selected period. This can be used for annual leave planning, project schedule management, etc.


Importance of calculating working days

Accurate workday calculations are essential for planning vacations, calculating salaries, and managing work schedules. In particular, the exact number of working days is an important factor when calculating year-end tax settlement or taxes.


The working days calculator is a useful tool for office workers. This helps you manage your work more efficiently and plan your personal schedule.

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